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Buying your property

Individualism is the key to Real Estate! What does your ideal home look like? What feature do you love most about your home? I recommend writing a list of your “Must Haves” “Would be Nice” and “Dislikes” to help organize priorities. If you’re thinking of selling, let’s schedule a preliminary walk-through and pre-listing checklist! Listing tip to keep in mind, less is more and keep a neutral palette.

Things to consider from the start, what are the best financing options and how could they affect your purchase? Let my preferred lenders help in assessing the best program available! What happens during the inspection process and how important are appraisals? Whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned Real Estate investor these questions matter and I’m here to answer your questions.

Relocating to Oregon?

If you are relocating to Oregon or just moving in the state, put my experience to work for you. Contact me today to purchase or sell your home! If you'd like more information about relocating to Oregon check out our relocating pages!

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