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Equestrian Real Estate

Horse property isn’t your standard home in the city or suburbs.  When buying or selling horse property, consider the many facets involved versus a typical home.  The zoning must allow for intended use, possible tax benefits or implications, water systems, septic systems, drainage, financing requirement issues and accurate appraised value can all become challenges for these “out of the box” specialty properties. 

I have the knowledge and experience navigating these hurdles successfully!  Don’t let inexperience or sub-par customer service cost you, this is a big decision that deserves the best.

Home is Where the Hooves Are!

Residential Real Estate

Individualism is the key to Real Estate! What does your ideal home look like? What feature do you love most about your home? I recommend writing a list of your “Must Haves” “Would be Nice” and “Dislikes” to help organize priorities.

If you’re thinking of selling, let’s schedule a preliminary walk-through and pre-listing checklist! Listing tip to keep in mind, less is more and keep a neutral palette.

I love Real Estate! Whether you’re buying or selling, you can trust that I will be there for you from start to finish.